About Me!

How it all started...

Shine Bright Mindset Coaching, LLC started because I needed to feel a spark again!

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to help people.

When I was in elementary and middle school, I always offered to help my teachers and babysitters.

In high school, I went to beauty school so I could help people look and feel better. That led to a 15 year career as a hair stylist.

I was a cheerleading camp instructor and a cheerleading and softball coach during and after college.

I just love being able to help others learn and grow, while having a positive influence on them and their dreams!

Most recently, I volunteer at my church in Plymouth, Michigan for their annual Christmas production - doing hair and makeup for the performers. I also helped with their Financial Peace University (FPU for short - care of Dave Ramsey) classes 2-3 times per year.

I relocated to Clearwater, Florida in the Spring of 2019. I still help with the annual Christmas productions at my church, but can no longer help with the FPU classes.

But, it was in those FPU classes that I realized how much help many people need with their finances!

Some may know that I have had my own struggles financially - nothing major, just a few credit cards with some balances for several years. I would get highly motivated and pay down the balances, then "somehow" they crept back up - this cycle continued for almost 20 years!

In August of 2022, I found my life coach who has helped me identify subconscious programming from when I was a child and teenager. She has helped me reframe my thinking and reprogram my subconscious to think about money in another way, which ultimately has led me to stop relying on credit cards when I want to spend money on things want, but don't need!

Since then, I have paid cash for things I want and need and am continuing to pay down my credit cards - with a goal of having it all paid off by December 2024! I am intentional with my spending and successfully budget EVERY SINGLE MONTH (which is a huge step for me)!

In October 2022, I took a Dream Life Adventure trip to Destin, Florida with a fabulous group of women, who I met in my life coaching program. On this trip, we dug deep to learn more about ourselves and our past to help us move forward and heal from past trauma in many areas of life.

It was on this trip that I shared about the shame I had related to my credit card debt. I expressed that I wish there was a class in high school for teenagers to learn about debt, savings, budgeting, paying bills, etc.

The amazing women on the trip agreed and encouraged me to create my own money mindset coaching program!

While I am certified as a Dream Life Life Coach and can help you break through your limiting beliefs, create life goals, reframe your mindset, and take intentional action toward your goals in several areas of life, my main focus is helping you reset your money mindset!

Checkout the freebies, courses and services I have available!

I'm excited to work with you!

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